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Change for sustainability

     It is a big surprise that a large an Indonesia door to door logistics provider, food and parcel delivery company has been bought!! by a large airline company recently and this CHANGE is very interesting..

Check up & Aim high
     What is our current situation? What would it be in the near future 2-3-5 years? Do we need to do something? And what will happen if we just keep go on what we are!! All these questions may concern to everybody, every position and businesses ..not only in Thailand but around the world!!

     Look for the right perception and right decision making, right timing ........ the key success factors for success change and success transformation..Thinks before Doing.

Selecting model
     The lord of Buddha said we must see the truth by face to face. (See the truth before modeling or copying!!) Who will be the selected model, business owners, movie stars, singers, politicians, teachers, governers etc....
Toon Bodyslam, well known Thai rock star singer, he started his first step running for charity from Southern part of Thailand, Betong district of Yala province to Northern part of Thailand, Measai district of Chiengrai province. He has set his achieving goal with time and effort for 55 days. The total distance is 2,215 kilometers, the average running per step distance is 60 - 75 cm and the average total step from Southern to Northern is 2.9 - 3.6 million steps. He starts his first step on 1 November 2017 and finishes on 25 December 2017..the total is 55 days and he achieved his goal with remarkable donation receives of 1.142 Billion Bath and donated to 11 hospitals. (cr.google)

A trap!!
Training Duration: 3 hours, In house
Number of trainee: 5-8 
Type of training: Classroom session
Training fee: TBI